Implant Supported Bridges

Are you looking to replace some your teeth? We have multiple solutions for you.

Dental Bridges are often a solution for a row of missing teeth. The bridge is connected to two natural teeth on either side of the gap which are shaved down and replaced with crowns. The crowns serve as anchors to the bridge.

Like dentures, a dental bridge sits on top of the gum line. Since there is no tooth root stimulating the jaw bone, the bone eventually disintegrates. Once this process has begun it often leads to a situation where the bridge slips and no longer fits properly because of the degradation of the bone and the receding of the gum line. This slippage can create a gap allowing plaque and bacteria into the jaw leading to a host of other health issues like periodontal disease.

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Single Dental Implants

One price includes implant, abutment and permanent crown.

Implant Supported Bridge

Like implant supported dentures, an Implant Supported Bridge is also anchored by two dental implants. This preserves the integrity of the two natural teeth that now do not have to be shaved down and fit with dental crowns. The implants prevent bone loss, which prevents slippage and offers a stable chewing foundation.